QUESTION: As the capstone project for a print media digital arts class we were given the assignment to create a book of any kind using found text. I took a comedic interpretation of the assignment and developed an "Infiltration Guide" to the University of Oregon based upon a conversation I had with a friend on how to infiltrate into certain groups on campus.

ANSWER: The guide was well-received in my art-critique as my professor and peers found the content funny and engaging. Moreover, it was interesting to poke fun at the varying activities my identity is associated with on campus and play into the stereotypes that inaccurately define people. 

IMPLEMENTATION: I produced this project by designing a map of the University of Oregon in illustrator. Next I printed the map and color coded and labeled it. After I attached a back page and used a needle and threat to sew the map into six foldable pouches. After I downloaded the infiltration cards which show what items you would need to blend into a certain stereotypical group on campus along with their location on campus evident on the map.